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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0129 - Land south of Back Hills, Botesdale

Representation ID: 8617

COMMENT Botesdale & Rickinghall CAP Group (Mr. William Sargeant)


Land to the South of Back Hills Botesdale is assessed as not suitable for development due to the loss of open space.
Outline Planning Permission has been granted for up to 40 dwellings on this land

More details about Rep ID: 8617

Representation ID: 16

OBJECT Mr Paul Macbay


Why has this land just been given approved outline planning permission for upto 40 homes when this document clearly states -'Not suitable for development' ???
The council knowing about and encouraging our neighbourhood plan (currently underway) would it not be more appropriate to engage with this plan before approving such developments to show that the neighbourhood plan, even an emerging one are at the centre of any plans for our village?? How can you expect people to get behind them.

More details about Rep ID: 16

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