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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0098 - Land north of Back Hills, Botesdale

Representation ID: 8700

COMMENT Botesdale & Rickinghall CAP Group (Mr. William Sargeant)


The land to the south of Back Hills has been assessed as not suitable for development due to the loss of open space. To be consistent, that assessment ought to be applied to the eastern section of this site.
Consideration should be given to the suitability of the site for a replacement School, where such siting would relieve the current traffic congestion and parking issues in the viscinity of St Botolphs' School and Botesdale Health Centre.

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Representation ID: 386

OBJECT Mr Neil Fearn


The site lies within a Special Landscape Area.

In planning for development, I believe, the village needs to reflect upon what we value & what we wish to retain.

This is open countryside, crisscrossed with footpaths, a joy, an asset the village should not be considering for development.

South of Back Hills has been granted planning permission. Are we considering destroying the nature of Back Hills with a two-lane road?

Bar the site near Common Road, I believe the other sites lie between the village centre and the bypass.

Put simply, surely, these provide much less impairment to our village?

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Representation ID: 10

OBJECT Mr Paul Macbay


Location is open countryside
Special Landscape area
Would be highly visible from all directions with no natural screening by mature woodland
Important landscape locally for people and wildlife
Potential traffic and pedestrian issues further along Back Hills
Next to undesignated heritage asset designed by Capability Brown
MSDC landscape assessment on planning request for land north of back hills talks of the sensitivity of the area visually. This area (North) is opposite and far larger and open.

More details about Rep ID: 10

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