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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0937 - Land east of Bramford Road / B1067, Bramford

Representation ID: 10204

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


Site SS0937* abuts an existing development and lies between the
railway line and the A14. The Grade II listed property known as The Gables lies to
the immediate west of the proposed site allocation boundary.

The presence of these heritage assets and their settings should be considered carefully as part of the site allocation process.

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Representation ID: 9294

OBJECT Bramford Parish Council (Mr Gareth Key)


SS0937 - Land east of Bramford Road / B1067, Bramford would require yet another junction on River Hill and produce more vehicle movements with larger vehicles than for residential use coming along Bramford Road which is already populated with several sets of traffic lights, the narrow and winding Paper Mill Lane, The Street or Fitzgerald Road with its 90 degree bend - all of these roads have sections where vehicles are parked on one or both sides effectively reducing them to a single lane. Other sites have been dismissed as 'closing the gap' between Bramford and Ipswich but this is exactly what this proposal would do.

More details about Rep ID: 9294

Representation ID: 3793

SUPPORT Mr John Rhodes


Why has this area been allocated a separate number? It appears to have the number SS0636 and SS0086?

More details about Rep ID: 3793

Representation ID: 2355

OBJECT Mr Albert Horn


Not adverse to employment being provided within the village. Other sites along this stretch of road have been rejected due to joining up Ipswich and Bramford, but I feel that this is exactly what developing this site would do. It does not have good access to the A14 as claimed unless there are plans to create a dedicated access to and egress from the site directly. Commercial vehicles would put considerable strain on surrounding roads. Several large commercial units on the horizon as one approached the village from Ipswich would not be conducive to a village setting, even competing with the eyesore of Landmark House.

More details about Rep ID: 2355

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