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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0902 - Land south of Low Road,

Representation ID: 12704

COMMENT Environment Agency (Miss Charlie Christensen)


part of the potential development area is at risk of flooding from Cherry Tree Watercourse. Please either edit the potential development area to exclude the area at flood risk or sequentially site development in this area, while ensuring that as part of the development natural flood management is included to reduce future flood risk.

More details about Rep ID: 12704

Representation ID: 11372

SUPPORT Debenham Parish Council (Mr Richard Blackwell)


Debenham PC has commissioned an independent expert assessment of these sites (and of all the Debenham sites that have been submitted for consideration through the Local Plan process).

On the basis of the assessment, the Parish Council believes site SS0902 (Land south of Low Rd) should be included in Local Plan for development. The site is well located and suitable in terms of visual impact. Development should be subject to no vehicular access onto Low Rd, with such access through development of site SS0031 Land north of Ipswich Road (see response to question 79 for further details)

More details about Rep ID: 11372

Representation ID: 10217

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


The potential allocations
are sited away from the historic core of the settlement which lies further to the east.
There are no known designate heritage assets within any of the potential site
allocation boundaries. Sites SS0642 and SS0902 have the potential to impact upon
the setting of several nearby grade II listed building including the 20 Low Road,
Cherry Tree Inn, Malting Farmhouse, and Cherry Tree Farmhouse. These two sites
could also impact upon the southernmost tip of the Debenham Conservation Area.
The presence of these heritage assets and their settings should be considered
carefully as part of the site allocation process. Consideration should also be given to
edge of settlement nature of the sites.

More details about Rep ID: 10217

Representation ID: 9773

OBJECT Miss R P Baillon


SS0902: Totally unsuitable as this area is within the flood plain and flooding has taken place in this area of Low Road in the past as a result of other developments in the area, eg The Meadows. With flooding being on the increase due to climate change it would seem most inappropriate to continue building in areas such as this.

More details about Rep ID: 9773

Representation ID: 8126

SUPPORT mr michael hammond


Site is well located and suitable in terms of visual impact . Development should be subject to no vehicular access onto Low Road with such access through development of Debenham site ss 0031 ( Land north of Ipswich Road )
This site could provide pedestrian and cycle access only onto Low Road for both itself and site ss 0031

More details about Rep ID: 8126

Representation ID: 7996

SUPPORT Mr Michael Morley


If vehicular access to site is via London Road rather than Low Road then this would have lower visual impact and take traffic onto the larger roads. Pedestrian and cycle access to village facilities could be via Low Road.

More details about Rep ID: 7996

Representation ID: 7892

SUPPORT Artisan PPS Ltd (Mr. Leslie Short)


All of this land is fully available now and deliverable now and there is no technical reason why it should not present a sustainable development with a policy compliant element of affordable housing as well as making appropriate infrastructure contribution through CIL for the benefit of the village.

An indicative layout for up to 30 small scale dwellings is attached from which it can be seen how the site is capable of delivering much need smaller housing but it it is only one of a number of possible development all of which can make a contribution to much need housing.

More details about Rep ID: 7892

Representation ID: 3976

OBJECT Cathy Hawes


Whilst this site is smaller than the other site proposed for housing off Low Road it will still suffer from the same highway and infrastructure issues. Road safety around the area of the Doctors Surgery will adversely affect any traffic leaving this site. It is hard to see how this site could be safely developed without causing significant road safety issues. As for other sites in Debenham any additional traffic will only add to the existing parking issues within the village. These will need to be addressed if this development goes ahead.

More details about Rep ID: 3976

Representation ID: 887

OBJECT Caroline Cavill


Highway and infrastructure limitations regarding excessive housing developments which are not in agreement/keeping with the draft Debenham neighbourhood plan and are not taking into account the contents of the plan regarding traffic pinch points and already stretched local services

More details about Rep ID: 887

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