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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0330 - Grove Lane, Elmswell

Representation ID: 11277

OBJECT Suffolk Wildlife Trust (Mr James Meyer)


Site SS0330 - this site is bordered by East Wood CWS, further assessment is therefore required prior to allocation to determine whether development of this site is likely to result in any adverse impact on the CWS.

More details about Rep ID: 11277

Representation ID: 7181

OBJECT Ms Ellen Whitchurch


Objection to SS0330 Grove Lane, Elmswell
This site comprises agricultural land in close proximity to individual dwellings and natural habitats/ biodiversity areas including woodland.
The existing road network is unsuited to the heavy vehicles and volume of traffic generated by the existing industrial and haulage businesses.
Designation for 300% + land area expansion for employment development accessed from a narrow road will harm the natural environment, cause hazards for residents, and bring significant extra traffic through constrained and already heavily trafficked villages to reach the site. Development of fields remote from main transport routes and services is unsustainable and inappropriate

More details about Rep ID: 7181

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