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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0039 - Land to the north of Church Road,

Representation ID: 10477

SUPPORT MSDC - INTERNAL (Mrs. Lynn Morris) represented by Lawson Planning Partnership Ltd. (Mr. James Lawson)


It is considered that the site represents a suitable, accessible, available and deliverable site allocation for residential use, which amounts to a sustainable development option for Elmswell and the wider Mid Suffolk District. The site, which is not required by the Council should be put to a more beneficial use within the emerging Local Plan as a housing allocation. The site is situated within a sustainable location in close proximity to a range of services and facilities that can be accessed by foot, cycle, and /or public transport. There are positive environmental, social and economic benefits associated with the redevelopment of the site which justifies its inclusion as an allocation in the emerging Local Plan. It is therefore requested that the site is allocated for residential use.

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Representation ID: 10228

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


Lies to the north of the Grade II* listed Church of St John. The Church dates from the fourteenth century and is prominently positioned on rising ground on the western edge of the village.

The open landscape setting of the church to the north contributes to the significance of the building. The siting means it is visible in long views across the surrounding landscape. This is notable in views across the landscape to the north of the church which include the application site and the long distance views to the church from the south.

Long views to the south encompass both Emswell and Woolpit Churches which form an attractive group of buildings. The
presence of these heritage assets and their settings should be considered carefully as part of the site allocation process.

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Representation ID: 7898

COMMENT Lawson Planning Partnership Ltd (Miss Natalie Harris)


Residential led scheme applicable to local plan reference SS0039.

Please see supporting letter prepared by Lawson Planning Partnership Ltd dated 9th November 2017

More details about Rep ID: 7898

Representation ID: 7135

OBJECT Mrs Rachel Abbott


The infrastructure of the surrounding roads and amenities is not able to sustain the proposed development in the village. Access onto School Road from Church Road is barely able to cope with the current flow of traffic though the village. HGVs often have to mount the pavement in order to proceed around the junction.

The loss of green space which is regularly used by walkers will be of detriment to the local people pushing them further away from the core of the village in order to enjoy the countryside. Wildlife is threatened, bats and hedgehogs frequent the area.

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Representation ID: 7118

OBJECT Mr Martyn Abbott


The roads and surrounding infrastructure cannot accommodate housing developments of this size and scale. The junction at Church Road is already unsafe, and School Road on the approach can barely handle two cars let alone anything bigger. Large vehicles (HGVs) regularly mount the pavement to pass.

It will also have a detrimental impact on the surrounding houses affecting their quality of life. In addition, the loss of these open (frequently used) green spaces will have a social impact for all. There is also the nature impact to consider where bats and regularly seen around these fields.

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Representation ID: 1197

OBJECT Stephen Harrison


When the application was made for an additional entrance to Knights Manor it was thought by many that this was just a sneaky way to get planning for this piece of land. The statistics for the speed of vehicles traveling along Church Hill would create additional danger .

More details about Rep ID: 1197

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