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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0149 - Land east of Fishponds Way, Haughley

Representation ID: 10270

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


Haughley has a Conservation Area and a number of designated heritage assets including Grade I church, and scheduled monument of Haughley Castle, and a number of Grade II listed buildings. Site allocations being considered are relatively large and would constitute a significant extension of the existing settlement.

South part of the settlement is the least sensitive however there is some concern that the development of these sites could encourage coalescence with Dagworth. Presence of scheduled monument indicates the area may have archaeological interest. Bronze Age round barrow ring ditch is evident within the boundary of site.

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Representation ID: 7363

OBJECT Mrs A Girling


The southern end of this site contains significant biodiversity (kingfisher, barn owl and bat feeding ground etc) alongside the stream and woodland. As such a considerable buffer to this important wildlife corridor is needed. The area is also floodplain and not suitable for development. Access back to the main village along Fishponds Way is not achievable due to no footpaths. Access would also be on to a busy road with limited visibility.

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Representation ID: 2124

OBJECT Mr. & Mrs. C. & L. Philpot represented by Lacy Scott & Knight (Mr Chris Philpot)


The area of woodland which sits astride the watercourse is not only floodplain, but an important green gateway into Haughley from Stowmarket. There are no roadside footpaths in that area. There is an area of protected hedge (ES86) on the east side of Fishponds Way, which would make it very difficult to provide access.

Development would start to close the very important gap between Stowmarket and Haughley, as Stowmarket marches slowly further north, and any access onto the land to the east from Fishponds Way is likely to be within the 60mph speed limit, on a hazardous corner.

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Representation ID: 1368

OBJECT Haughley Parish Council (Alf Hannan)


SS0149 is not appropriate. It is far too big an area losing too much countryside and good agricultural land;
extends too far towards woodland and areas of biodiversity and natural habitats; extends towards the river and a
flood plane; is too far from Crawford's school and to walk into Haughley for all facilities thus increasing traffic
into/through the village; extends Haughley towards Stowmarket.

More details about Rep ID: 1368

Representation ID: 362

OBJECT Last Tricker Partnership (Mr. Martin Last)


There is no footpath at the southern end of Fishponds Way. Consequently parents are unlikely to walk their children to the primary school at the other end of the village, they will go by car. Residents of these sites would also be unlikely to walk to the public house, post office or other facilities located at the north western end of Haughley. Part of site is within Special Landscape Area. Development will erode Haughley's individuality and bring it closer to Stowmarket.

More details about Rep ID: 362

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