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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0571 - Land south of Metfield Road,

Representation ID: 13053

OBJECT Mendham Parish Council (Mr Denis Pye)


SS0571 Withersdale. Parish council OBJECTS to this site. It is remote from the settlement, very poor access, no services, and would intrude badly ona rural position.

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Representation ID: 10295

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


The small settlement surrounding Withersdale Street in Menham contains a number
of listed buildings and structures including Witherdale Cross, Knights Farmhouse,
Chapel Farmhouse and the Old Post Office Cottage. The potential site allocations
are set away from these features but development of these sites does still have the
potential to impact upon their settings. The presence of these heritage assets and
their settings should be considered carefully as part of the site allocation process.

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Representation ID: 7857

SUPPORT Durrants Ltd (Mr Christopher Hobson) represented by Durrants Ltd (Mr Christopher Hobson)


Support the Council's analysis and recommendation. The Client is also committed and willing to deliver immediately.

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Representation ID: 6458

OBJECT Ms Carole Newman


This land is not suitable for development. It sits outside the village boundary and the size of the development will be inappropriate for the surroundings.There are no existing services such as gas or mains sewerage and in the village of Withersdale Street there is no shop, school or surgery or local employment centres) As there is also no public transport travel to such services will have an adverse impact on the environment. Access to site is poor (with poor sight lines) and is on a road that carries a lot of traffic including heavy farm machinery and HGVs.

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Representation ID: 377

OBJECT John Brownfield


This land is inappropriate for development. It sits outside the settlement boundary and will be ribbon development. Its scale and mass will be inappropriate to its surrounding. Within Withersdale Street there is no public transport and very few facilities (no shops, no schools, no medical provision, no local employment centres). Travel to such services will have an adverse environmental impact. Access to the site is poor (with very poor sightlines), on a road that carries too much traffic, particularly HGVs,. Very few services exist along the frontage of the site - no gas, no mains sewerage.

More details about Rep ID: 377

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