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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0105 - Land between Ixworth Road and Hawes Lane, Norton

Representation ID: 4410



Support site being listed as 'not suitable'

Norton is not a core village as defined by your criteria. Norton is already stretched by a full school, busy main road, dangerous crossroads and lack of pavements. Increasing numbers of children are in danger walking to school.
I do not favour 'ribbon' developments trying to link areas of the village. This would conflict with the historical nature of the village, originally scattered farmsteads linked by the common church.
Any further development should be minimal and mindful of existing infrastructural conditions.
Improvements to services etc should be in place before development.
Affordable family houses should be the priority.

More details about Rep ID: 4410

Representation ID: 469

OBJECT Mr Philip Jefferson


Land bewteen Ixworth Rd (west of) & Hawes Lane is perfect for larger development, has road access on 3 sides, unencumbered by existing dwellings, and would fulfil large proportion of Norton's contribution to Mid-Suffolk's land and development needs. Existing village infrastructure is overloaded (road access problems ACUTE, sewers, broadband etc) and these are unlikely to be upgraded (cost) except possibly for broadband. Sadly, current planning already exhibits new builds beyond proposed pink dotted line limit to village envelope. Why, when there is this opportunity at hand?

More details about Rep ID: 469

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