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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0420 - Land north of Ashfield Road,

Representation ID: 508

SUPPORT Mr Philip Jefferson


Support the notion that all land labelled 'non-developable' in Norton Little Green should be protected. Norton Little Green is a tiny hamlet with minimal basic infrastructure and services. Any new build developments would, above all, exacerbate an already seriously congested traffic problem on The Street in Norton running down to the A1088 at The Dog x-roads. At nearly 1000 vehicles per day, this tiny country lane is already bursting at the seams and cannot cope with any more traffic

More details about Rep ID: 508

Representation ID: 417

SUPPORT Adrian Bridge


Object to all the Norton Little Green proposals including 0420 for the same reasons-
- it is an isolated hamlet
--it has nil in the way of services/ facilities
--any services/facilities are 1.5 miles away, too far and too dangerous to walk or cycle and with no public transport.
--access into the hamlet itself is dangerous-both from Norton and the Tjunction from Elmswell
Any proposal at Norton Little Green must fail as RED on the following of your Suitability Assessment Constraints:-
Transport and Roads
Access to wider transport network
Accessibility to Local services and facilities
Utilities capacity
Landscape etc

More details about Rep ID: 417

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