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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - Q46

Representation ID: 11046

SUPPORT Stowmarket Town Council (Ms Michelle Marshall)


Stowmarket Town Council agrees with the approach to not define Primary Shopping Area boundaries within settlements other than the three main towns.

More details about Rep ID: 11046

Representation ID: 10810

SUPPORT Mendlesham Parish Council (Mrs Sharon Jones )



More details about Rep ID: 10810

Representation ID: 10073

COMMENT Historic England (Katie Parsons)


Both of the Districts' town centres incorporate a rich and varied historic environment
with many heritage assets. Efforts to retain and enhance the vitality and viability of
the town centres should therefore be linked to the conservation and enhancement of
its historic environment. Policies should encourage the enhancement of local
character and the public realm.

More details about Rep ID: 10073

Representation ID: 9740

SUPPORT Miss R P Baillon



More details about Rep ID: 9740

Representation ID: 8233

SUPPORT Botesdale & Rickinghall CAP Group (Mr. William Sargeant)



More details about Rep ID: 8233

Representation ID: 8040

SUPPORT Mr Peter Powell


Defining shopping boundaries in smaller towns may restrict strategic or natural development.

More details about Rep ID: 8040

Representation ID: 7282

COMMENT Great Waldingfield PC (Mr Cecil Allard)


Yes. Sudbury needs rejuvenation also and is a market town which needs to be developed to support the planned developments in the surrounding area.

More details about Rep ID: 7282

Representation ID: 6856

COMMENT mrs Netty Verkroost


Yes It is important to encourage smaller retailers who cannot afford high street rents to open retail businesses in other areas

More details about Rep ID: 6856

Representation ID: 6542

COMMENT Freston Parish Council (Ms Elizabeth Aldous)


For others to comment

More details about Rep ID: 6542

Representation ID: 5983

SUPPORT Little Waldingfield Parish Council (Mr Andy Sheppard)



More details about Rep ID: 5983

Representation ID: 5607

COMMENT Pinewood Parish Council (Mrs Sandra Peartree)



More details about Rep ID: 5607

Representation ID: 4752

COMMENT Woolverstone Parish Council (Mr Simon Pearce)


For others to comment.

More details about Rep ID: 4752

Representation ID: 4681

SUPPORT Lavenham Parish Council (Carroll Reeve)


Yes. Our preference is to follow Option OC1, TC1, PS1 and RIA2.

More details about Rep ID: 4681

Representation ID: 4578

SUPPORT Barking Parish Council (Mrs Rosemary Cochrane)



More details about Rep ID: 4578

Representation ID: 4277

SUPPORT Holton St Mary Parish Council (Ms Dorothy Steeds )



More details about Rep ID: 4277

Representation ID: 3696

COMMENT Mr Neil Lister


Seems too prescriptive.

More details about Rep ID: 3696

Representation ID: 3483

COMMENT Fressingfield Parish Council (Mr Alexander Day)


The Parish does not wish to offer a comment to this question and would expect those with urban communities experience to provide a more detailed response.

More details about Rep ID: 3483

Representation ID: 3463

OBJECT Mr John Kitson


No at least not where a primary shopping area is already developing and has the potential to develop both with suitable buildings and parking/transport to support its development.
Where there is no defined shopping areas in smaller towns etc perhaps it is best for enterprise to be allowed to develop and find its own best shopping centre.

More details about Rep ID: 3463

Representation ID: 3269

COMMENT Mrs Tania Farrow


No comment

More details about Rep ID: 3269

Representation ID: 2934

COMMENT Diss & District Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (Ms Deborah Sarson)


The DDNPSG notes the inter-relationship between Eye and Diss and to an extent some other District and local centres. It is contended that, apart from the growth limitation proposed for Eye resulting from the Town Centres and Retail Study having highlighted the percentages shopped in nearby Diss, there is insufficient cognisance taken of the influence that Diss has over a much wider area, amply illustrated by the area shown in Appendix 3.6: weekly shop in the Functional Clusters study.

More details about Rep ID: 2934

Representation ID: 2648

COMMENT Cockfield Parish Council (Mr Doug Reed)


Cockfield Parish Council believes that this has no direct impact upon or relevance to the village and so offers no response.

More details about Rep ID: 2648

Representation ID: 2065

COMMENT Mrs Kathie Guthrie



More details about Rep ID: 2065

Representation ID: 1843

COMMENT Debenham Parish Council (Mr Richard Blackwell)


Agree with this proposal.

More details about Rep ID: 1843

Representation ID: 1768

SUPPORT Mr Richard Blackwell


Support this proposal

More details about Rep ID: 1768

Representation ID: 1582

COMMENT Mr Alf Hannan



More details about Rep ID: 1582

Representation ID: 1267

SUPPORT Raydon Parish Council (Mrs Jane Cryer)


Yes, we agree with the approach.

More details about Rep ID: 1267

Representation ID: 1006

SUPPORT Mr Roy Barker



More details about Rep ID: 1006

Representation ID: 302

SUPPORT Mr Simon Barrett


I agree

More details about Rep ID: 302

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