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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0356 - Land to the west of Starhouse Lane,

Representation ID: 11965

OBJECT Fieldens Ltd represented by Boyer Planning (Mr. James Bailey)


Site is sustainable, suitable and deliverable in the short term, which would provide development to help this hinterland village and the District Plan for their future growth.

Well located to the village of Onehouse with footpaths and connections, as well as Stowmarket. Strategic and local connections, plus easy access to nearby local amenities along with jobs, services, leisure and cultural facilities of the town centre. SHELAA assessment is not a fair representation of the site, which is a brownfield site that is well related and connected to Onehouse and Stowmarket.

Brownfield site making the site more attractive in terms of conforming with local policy. With appropriate masterplanning and design, the site is capable of delivering a sensitively designed, comprehensive and well-connected sustainable development that could contribute to the local needs of Mid Suffolk early in the plan period.

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