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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0436 - Land south west of Needham Road, Stowmarket

Representation ID: 12047

COMMENT Bloor Homes Eastern (Mr Gary Duncan) represented by JB Planning Associates (Mr Nicholas Ward)


Stowmarket settlement boundary should be amended to incorporate this site. Consider it is fully capable of delivering approximately 250 - 300 dwellings. Site is within a Special Landscape Area. We note the Councils initial preference to remove local landscape designations and apply a criteria based policy. Site would have appropriate landscaping planting to minimise impacts. Development will provide an appropriate buffer to the SSSI. Site would make a valuable contribution to housing needs over the plan period. Range of services and facilities in close proximity to the site, and employment provision. Consider the site is a logical rounding-off of the south-eastern boundaries of Stowmarket.

More details about Rep ID: 12047

Representation ID: 6699

OBJECT Stowmarket Society (Mr Michael Smith)


This site is a key Visually Important Open Space, closing the vista along Cedars Link and focussing on Combs Wood. Any development would detract from the natural setting of the wood and the town as a whole. Additionally, with all of the land allocated at Gun Cotton Way, and Mill Lane, there is no pressing need for further employment land.

More details about Rep ID: 6699

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