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Representations on BMSDC Joint Local Plan Consultation Document (Interactive) - SS0729 - Land south of Beyton Road

Representation ID: 10897

SUPPORT Bloor Homes Eastern represented by Strutt & Parker (Sam Hollingworth)


Site is situated in a sustainable location immediately adjacent to the settlement boundary of Thurston, within close proximity to the main line train station, and where existing footpath links provide access to the remainder of the village, which includes a variety of facilities and schools. The site is not subject to topographical constraints and is located within Flood Zone 1. Well contained by roads, screened from the open countryside beyond. Minimal impact on the wider landscape. The village's facilities and services are well-related to this site.

Site has a very different relationship with the highway network than other sites on which the Council has recently resolved to grant planning permission, as it is south of the railway line. Traffic would not be drawn through the village.

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Representation ID: 5313

OBJECT Mrs K Rennison


Thurston has over 900+ new homes being scheduled for building already. Huge pressure put on Village which does not need further expansion. Surely there should be a stricter guideline for development. Roads heavily used and in dire repair and cannot cope with more cars at junctions and more accidents. Schools, Dr's surgeries cannot cope & lack of space at railway station full to capacity already. Beyton Rd very busy & used when accidents occur on A14.
Wildlife and environment being destroyed with so many plans, as is the Village community.
Please think about the rural aspect and the village!

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Representation ID: 4115

OBJECT Dr. Martin Reeve


Along with the 800 plus dwellings already agreed, up to 200 more on this plot will cause an increase in the volume of traffic to Bury St Edmunds and the A14 on inadequate roads.
All 3 corners of the plot are accident black spots.
Pedestrian access to the village is either under the railway bridge-narrow footpath one side only unsuitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Visibility is impaired due to bend in the road.
Or over a narrow railway bridge with no footpath and room for one car at a time.

More details about Rep ID: 4115

Representation ID: 3074

OBJECT Mrs Ann Reeve


Site projects out from built up area.
Bounded on all sides by busy routes to A14 and BSE.
All junctions noted by Highways as at/near capacity and accident black spots All junctions regularly flood.
Access to village, including schools, necessitates using busy junctions and negotiating one of two pinch points - under narrow bridge(single lane, inadequate paving mounted daily by school buses) on blind junction or over narrow bridge (one way traffic priority) with pedestrians sharing the road.
This is clearly an inappropriate and dangerous site for sustainable safe development.

More details about Rep ID: 3074

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